Our History...
Word Of Faith Christian Ministries (WOFCM) of Beaufort,
South Carolina was founded by Rev. Dr. Charles “Carlos”
W. Williams, Jr. in 1996 with only eleven (11) members
including children!  Though small in number, WOFCM had
great vision and began meeting at the local Boys and
Girls Club.  Meanwhile, as Dr. Williams was riding down
Laurel Bay Road, the Lord instructed him to stop at a
wooded area and purchase the 7.7 acres of land there.
Dr. Williams shared his experience with WOFCM and
announced their purchase of the acreage.  In obedience
to the voice of God, the church started targeting the land
to pay for it and eventually build on that land.  As the
membership tripled, another facility was needed to
accommodate growth.  

In 1999, WOFCM leased a small building on Baggett
Street.  Dr. Williams continued to teach WOFCM the life-
changing principles of God’s word and their rights and
privileges as believers.  As the church continued to grow,
it was again necessary to seek a facility to accommodate
growth.  In January 2000, WOFCM subleased a church on
Laurel Bay Road and also began the building process of
the WOFCM sanctuary.  

In December 2002, the first phase of the vision that God
placed in Dr. Williams’ heart unfolded with the grand
opening of the newly erected 450 seat sanctuary!  Dr.
Williams announced that following December that WOFCM
would change its ministry and church name.  

In January 2004, WOFCM became Ever Enriching
Life Ministries and the Church, an outreach of the
ministry, was named Life House Church.

Life House Church is a multicultural church
of love where the word of faith is
constantly enriching the lives of people.
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Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones
Master's Touch Ministries

Rev. Jimmy Miller
GoYe Global

President, Theresa Greenhough
Gateway International of India
Educational School for Children
EELM (Ever Enriching Life Ministries)
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consideration and by direction of the Holy Spirit,  
you have chosen to sow into this good ground!  
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Our vision is to enrich the lives of  people (of
every culture) with the Word of God.